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La Flottille restaurant has successfully kept its original French charm, which dates back to the early 1900s. It is located on the canal front of Versailles Palace park, a place full of French aristocratic history. Whether you are seated at the brasserie or the restaurant, you have access to the entire park.

This classically French restaurant is comprised of three separate spaces, each possessing their own special charm. Our staff welcomes you Monday to Sunday, for lunch, every day of the year. On the restaurant's terrace, you can dine in an authentic French environment, full of romance and charm.

The restaurant is opened from midday until 15:30 during which time our Head Chef prepares refined and tasteful dishes. Our menu offers a wide range of meat and fish options, which are cooked following traditional French culinary methods. The brasserie is opened from 10:00 until 20:00 where we offer grilled dishes, daily specials, salads, toasted sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, burgers, club sandwiches, pastries, crêpes, waffles and ice-cream.

We are happy to welcome both small parties and big groups with a maximum of 100 people. All our clientele, whether French or non-French, can select from several menus that are full of variety and bursting with taste.

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The setting

The restaurant welcomes you in a convivial atmosphere with an outside terrace, a bar and the main dining room. You will be highly satisfied with the service, fall in love with the space, which can welcome up to 400 people, and be transported back in time due to the 1900's decor. You can count on La Flotille to provide a convivial spirit no matter the day of the week.

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Some classic references

Allow yourself to be seduced by quality, traditional French cuisine. Both the meat and the fish are selected with the utmost care, to ensure an unforgettable French gastronomical experience.

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The surroundings

The surroundings offer a magnificent view of the Park and the Versailles Palace - there is also the option to take a rowing boat out on the water. The restaurant terrace also gives you access to wander through the gardens and the outskirts of the Palace.

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Menu Discover our specialities

Starters 12,50 €

Fresh crab salad with lime, Balsamic Vinaigrette
Tuna Ceviche and citrus, Avocado mousseline
Cucumber and Red Pepper étuvé, Poached Eggs and Parmesan Tuiles
Fresh St Maure, Marinated speck Ham, Herb salad
Water melon Gaspacho, Cucumber brunoise, Quenelle of ricotta and safran

Fish 22,00 €

Seared sea scallops, Roasted chorizo, Arborio rice with fresh herbs
King prawns, vegetables étuvés, coriandre
Sauted salmon, carrots glacés, Tarralon sauce
5€ additional to menu
Sole Meunière, Classic Preparation, Lemon Better, English Potatoes (regular price "à la carte" at 28€)

Meat 22,00 €

Beef "Tartare", rare or seared rare, fingerlingg potatoes, Arugula
Seared Duck, celery rave mousseline, natural sauce
Porc filet mignon, slow roasted, fresh peas, sucrine
Burger fourme d'Ambert cheese, red onions, coppa ham, French fries
4€ additional to menu
Beef entrecotes from Simmental (300gr) gratin dauphinoise, shallots confits (regular price "à la carte" at 28€)

Desserts 9,00 €

Saint Domingue Chocolate cake
Tart Tatin with whippead cream or Vanilla ice cream
Macaron of red berries, manggo sorbet with chocolate coulis
Vanilla bourbon Panna Cotta, red berries, raspberry coulis
Bretagne sable, Lemon meringue
Baba au Rhum
Greedy coffee (+2€)
Fixed menus
(without drinks except Sundays & public holidays) :
28,50 € : 1 Main + 1 Dessert
29,50 € : 1 Starter + 1 Main
36,00 € : 1 Starter + 1 Main + 1 Dessert

Child's menu at 15.90 €
Chicken Nuggets and fries or chopped steak and fries
Gelato or sweet crepe and 1 drink

For snacks, fast food or a treat our brewery welcomes you and offers: dish of the day, grilled meats, salads, pizzas, croque monsieur, sandwiches, pastries, ice creams, waffles, cocktails and drinks at any time of the day.


The restaurant is situated inside the Versailles Palace park, as shown in the photo below :

Public transport from Paris to the restaurant:
• Transilien line N until Versailles-Chantiers. From Paris, this line can be taken from Montparnasse station.
• RER C until "Versailles Rive Gauche – Château de Versailles".
• Transilien line U until Versailles-Chantiers. From Paris, this line can be taken from La Défense Grande Arche.
• Transilien line L until Versailles Rive Droite. From Paris, this line can be taken from Saint-Lazare station.



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Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a general enquiry or if you would like to make a reservation.
We can organise receptions and events on demand.


La Flottille
Parc du Chateau de Versailles,
78000 Versailles, France
Tel : + 33 (0)1 39 51 41 58
Fax : + 33 (0)1 49 50 51 87

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